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Boost your Brand is an off-price B2B distribution platform.

We work with an extensive network of retailers (physical and online) all around the globe and brands to maximize their excess stock value and sell it. It is the marketplace to go to if you’re a brand and looking for clearing your excess stock.

The process

The process is very simple. Your job is to relax as your excess stock is taken care of  and negotiations to sell it worldwide are led by the company. All you have to do :

Distribution channel

BYB is growing very fast and is currently making transactions in 15 countries with 150 brands and 40 partners worldwide. These partnerships are a positive thing for you, as a brand, since they allow you to expand your business and reach customers you probably thought were harder to reach.

An asset for your brand

A dedicated account manager takes care of maximizing the value of your overstock and advise you on:

  • Your pricing structure
  • Geographical target

His job is to follow up and guide you through the process of managing your account and sales according to your brand and focus.

We take care of your stock clearance as you dedicate on what really matters: your full margin business.

By creating an account on http://app.boost-your-brand.com, you’ll get a dashboard that allows you to control every step of the management of your stock. Our target: save your time and maximize the value of your stock.

Working with Boost your Brand will give you the opportunity to get rid of your surplus quickly and smartly.

BYB’s distribution channel can handle stocks of every sizes from 100 to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

In terms of logistic, these are your options as a brand:

  • Stock remains at your warehouse
  • Stock handled in our warehouse

You have stocks but don’t know what’s inside? We can make the inventory for you at our warehouse and the goods in rack.

You are missing pictures for your references? Don’t worry, we can help you with that; we can shoot them as an additional service.

Don’t hesitate on contacting your account manager.

Or create now your account easily here : Create my account.

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