How to upload your catalogue in BYB app

To upload your catalogue in the app, there are two options :

  1. Flat file integration (= Manually)
  2. Seamless Integration (= Automatically)

Let’s focus first on manual integration :

  • File the first step :
    • Number of SKU’S = number of SKU’s you have in your file
    • Number of total pieces = number of total pieces you have in your file
    • Link = google drive, dropbox, wetransfer with your pictures
    • Need Shooting = Do you need that we organise a shooting for missing product?
    • Marketing Picutres = Do you have marketing pictures, if yes upload them now
    • Accept the conditions and click on next
  • File the 2d step
    • Prepare a file with all your stock = an extract of your database (model is available here )
    • Upload it
    • Click on Finish

We’ll revert to you within the next 72 hours!